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myojo 2020.11 So - A SO living Recipe!!

A SO living Recipe!!
In the Leaflets distributed between Super Market Customers a series of the casual daily life of So started!
The fist theme is "happy" ♪
Today is a So happy event!!
Honestly Shori is the one with the strongest sense about food. But it looks I also don't have other option that trying different types of food.
Each time we meet he said “Do you want to eat something?” just as my mother.
He often cooks meals at home, and order delicious food. But the other day he said “Congratulations for coming back” and then he treated me to sushi. It was so delicious!! As you could expect of gourmet food! I Was moved.
My heart and my stomach were happily full

Sorry I was supposed to do this last year but got busy with other things I already translated Shori´s and only Marius one is missing, also since English nor Japanese aren´t my first language there could be errors on it

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