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myojo 2020.11 Kento Sweet Corner Eng translation

Hi I usually translate only to Spanish but I want to practice my English and practice Japanese so I decide to translate some little texts on magazines. This is my first try , sorry if I made some mistakes and the bad photo

Kento Sweet Corner
According to the theme received form the reader, Kento would think sweet lines…but never sugarless ones!?
Here is Kento´s cheers from this month request:

This month request
“I was defeat again in the contest because of my bad condition, I want to quit the club.
In moments like that I wish to have a few sweet words from kento-kun” Moeko Gunma

Let’s try one more time! Be sure to meet your new self tomorrow

This time I´m not giving only free sweet words but a sugarless comment
It doesn’t have sugar on it so is not sweet, the point is, don´t act as a spoiled child.
Keep trying for a little longer

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